Why is justified to declare the territory of Essequibo Biological Corridor of the planet?

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  • Why is justified to declare the territory of Essequibo Biological Corridor of the planet?

Because while in timeouts to the pronouncements of the territorial awards the Government of British Guyana, fragrant and defiant contempt of the Geneva agreements, which prohibited the mining or commercial activity of any kind in the territories on claim, they have delivered to transnational concession companies, large areas of the Venezuelan Essequibo to its logging, mining and oil company. A blatant demonstration that the international business of the “first world” countries outweigh the resolutions of the United Nations (UN).

The Declaration of Biological Corridor of the Essequibo will dampen the unbridled and maelstrom exploitation of those natural resources and would put in evidence the current aggression to Biodiversity in that territory. At the pace that will, an”intentional” waiting for 50 years more to make a resolution rule and they will deliver a desert.

Since 2007 the CITES [Convention on the international trade of endangered species] has done studies in the Essequibo River basin and has recommended to consider the region as a conservation area.

According to a report of CITES, “Biodiversity of the Esequibo River Basin is very high, with many unique species and species new to science. It is imperative to act quickly in the conservation of these pristine areas are fast disappearing across the planet, so it is essential to learn about them before they be altered.”

We are attaching maps of illegal concessions given by the Government of British Guyana in the Venezuelan Essequibo.

Exploitation of wood in the Venezuelan Essequibo by the Chinese company Bai Shan Lim

CGX is a Canadian oil and gas exploration company that holds three licenses in the Guyana Suriname Basin, a frontier Basin in South America

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