Venezuela: great expectations in the small ecoparks of Zulia

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  • Venezuela: great expectations in the small ecoparks of Zulia

Parque-de-manglares--Tierra de Sueños-

The consolidation of ecotourism parks, that advances the Bolivarian Government of Zulia, in addition to representing the necessary safeguard for its rich biodiversity or ecosystem particularly vulnerable areas, is a way of bringing the common citizen, to put near their hands and eyes high idea of ecology, conservationism and environmentalism.
These reservoirs of wildlife, now protected by the state are part of the daily life of communities, are close to their daily lives, their school, their streets, their homes and their cities.
These rescued and sanitized environments, provide the towns that make life in their environment in a better quality of life in every way: clean air, reliable water, clean air, the fragrance of herbs, the beauty of the trees, the sympathy of wild animals, kindness – in short – a not battered nature, not disrespected.
The forests, lakes, swamps, streams, rivers or mountain slopes, which are now part of the government’s commitment to develop tourism under the premise of environmental responsibility, are fertile ground to form a new public awareness against the environment around us, giving way to an individual part of nature is known and that the assumed with respect.
That is, each of the people whose lives are revolve around these ecological stays are committed to life assuming his defense, with the compass instruments such as the Organic Environmental Law, Criminal Law of the Environment, Water Act, Act forests, among many others., which will be the necessary guidance to address deforestation, openly fighting polluters of water, adjacent land, defend the value of wildlife and report within the community the poachers who no need the meat of animals killed.
The major projects for national coverage parks are huge positive achievements of mankind, but by the social dynamics remain away from the citizen of the city or the fields, who access them indirectly through television, movies, internet, books or magazines.
The small ecological park is precious to those who live around it, it’s like your big immediate home. Who does not love a home ?, Who does not want to live with his family in a pleasant space, healthy, woodland, surrounded by greenery, freshness, accompanied by friendly forest animals, butterflies, birds, lizards, turtles?
That’s what it is: we have great hopes in these small ecological parks. The Regional Government in permanent alliance with the national government, puts its financial resources with the fist of the law; citizens linked to these spaces for life and peace they are only asking for your active love for nature.
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