Ecotourism Park Cerro Winds: The best Ecoparque for hiking

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  • Ecotourism Park Cerro Winds: The best Ecoparque for hiking

In the border states of Zulia and Falcon, a landscape that contrasts in terms of a wide plain and the presence of aligned hills is located. This relief is geographically located in the municipality Miranda and approximately 52 kilometers from the city of Maracaibo.

In the Geological Ecotourism Park Cerro Los Vientos, there are points given to scientific and touristic character, taking as starting the foot of the hill, then the tour starts through its interpretive trail that culminates in the rocky summit to finally down the slope to the valley.
Chalks and rocky flanks are remains of an ancient seabed lifted by the strength of the folds, currently subjected to the relentless erosion of the meteoric agents (rain, sun, wind, etc.). The vegetation emerges between rocks, traps water and wildlife shelters.


When starting the tour, a panoramic view of the topographic expression of the hill, where we see that it is made by a competent lithology emerging at the top of the valley is observed. The geological structure forming the Cerro Los Vientos is an anticline, where you can see the outcrop with the folding of the layers or strata.

From the beginning you have the opportunity to observe the variegated colors of the rocks and interpret lithology and mineralogy present. During the tour of the trail you can see the set of layers of gray sandstones, shales and conglomerates belonging to the Santa Rita Agua Negra Formation Group belonging to the Middle Eocene to Tardio.


Locally you can see ferruginous crusts and nodules laterites, which consists of the enrichment of iron ore, forming peculiar forms of red and black colors, due to the action of weathering.

In one of the stations, located on the hillside, you can see a layer of silty sandstone arranged horizontally, overlying sandstone white. At the apex the presence of a mirror intraformacional fault tectonics product that originates the hill or hills in the region is noted. Grooves therein indicate the direction of stress is observed.

On the crest of the hill, remains of an ancient fortress built by the natives of the sector are located; the Jirajaras and a forest of indigenous trees that blend with the breeze and wind during the day and night.